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Turkey is the most important country in attracting tourists from all over the world, Millions come to Turkey every year to enjoy its wonderful sunny atmosphere, which lasts about 10 months a year.

And also to enjoy the picturesque sea as well as the wonderful landscape, beautiful mountains.Turkey has all types of Landscape.

Tourists are always heading for the characteristic coastal areas of Turkey such as our secret heaven Alanya.

So Alanya is characterized by the abundance of nature and the presence of the beautiful, clear sea.

Besides all this there is plenty of fun activities, top quality restaurants and shopping malls.

Because Alanya is a city that attract tourists from almost everywhere, no empty hotel can be found.

This is why we will ensure your place in this beautiful country.

Through our professional service team we will find for you the perfect property and we will take good care of it, not only this but we can make you benefit from your ownership if you are not in Alanya, we can rent your property for you and within 3 or 4 months your profit rate can be up to 8% a year. 

Easy Buying Process

With the high-tech technology in recent years, it has made our lives all easier.

Turkey has become one of the easiest and safest countries in the world to acquire property.

From our website you can choose your apartment, watch a video of it , talk to us about all the details, then send us a photo of the Passport and 2 personal photos of you and within one day only the apartment becomes yours.

For more details :

Kindly see the buying process or contact us for more information.

Obtaining a Turkish Citizen

Once you have acquired property in Turkey our professional team will apply for you and your family the Turkish citizen, you, your wife and your children under the age of 18 will be included, this process takes only 30 days then you will have Turkish residence cards for you and your family valid for 2 years.

With these documents, you do not have to pay any visa fees at the country entrance and you can travel to Turkey or leave whenever you want.

Every two years we and our professional team will renew your Turkish residence cards. Within five years of having the Turkish residence, you and your family can apply for the Turkish Nationality and receive the Turkish Passport. We will for sure support you together with our professional in all steps till you receive your Turkish Passport. 

For more details:

Click her and check our website and feel free to call us at any time.

Obtaining the Turkish passport

If you want to own a Turkish passport in only 90 days, you will have to buy a property which has a value over 250.000 USD, and then your family and you can own a Turkish passport and get all advantage as a Turkish citizen.

With our professional team we will be with you all the time and we will follow all the process.

Low and Easy Cost of Living

The cost of living turkey 70% cheaper than Europe and United states, which explains why many foreign citizens have been living in Turkey for both reasons vacation and “living “since a lot of years. 

In the recent years, almost 60 thousand people have settled from Germany to Turkey, and from other counters as well such as London, Russia, etc.

Because It has many features such as fresh air, outstanding nature and the clear blue sea.

 And of course the generosity and kindness of its inhabitants.

Delicious cuisine from all cultures and restaurants of the highest standards.

And It has a lot of shopping centers with all the local and international brands.

Because Turkey and especially Alanya are characterized by a lot of cultures, they are the country of freedom Whatever your religion, race or culture is, Alanya always welcomes you ☺

And don't forget that living in Alanya is cheaper in everything, food, electricity and water.

Easy Access

Wherever you are, in Turkey, Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul or Ankara you will be able to travel easily across the country in the latest transportation system via roads or sea, with all the convenience and the affordable price, the Turkish Airlines and its huge deployment on the world map will make it easy for you and your family to travel anywhere and discover new cites and locations in the beautiful turkey.

Construction Quality

Turkish construction companies and their workers are professional, making Turkey one of the most important countries known for its renewed and modern construction on international construction standards, our Workers master their work to ensure the highest standards of quality, comfort and ease of life for you.

 And because Turkey is a destination for anyone looking for a quality and guaranteed property, our company, as shown to you in our portfolio, gives its customers more than seven years of warranty.

Auxiliary Payment Terms

We are delighted to provide you with a lot of easy-to-pay options, and we want to know that many properties within our portfolio are available for special payment terms. 

We offer you the opportunity with 5% prepayment for the under construction properties, the remaining amount will be paid with your own plans until the project delivery date, as for our ready to live properties you can start with paying 35% while you can complete the remaining amount up to 2 years.

During these easy steps you can use your property as you like whether you’re living on it or renting your property.  

High Investment Profile

Turkey has also become a global market, with half of its cultural and natural wealth and half of its major infrastructure investments in recent years.

In the last 30 years, many foreign real estate companies has taken their place in this market and continue to benefit from high profit returns. You could be one of them, join us.

Turkey is a safe environment for anyone who wants to create their own company and benefit from the global market and proven profits, within two days you can easily create your own company, like any Turkish citizen and with all rights.

Natural Beauty and Values

Turkey is a country surrounded by seas on all 3 sides, full of surprises that you would love to discover. 

It's easy to reach fresh, high-quality food all over the country with cheap prices, you can enjoy the sun and its warmth more than 300 days per year, as well as the clean beaches and the sparkling maritime quality they have, which makes Turkey very easy to move from city to city inside and outside of turkey. Imagine a city where you can take a sunbathe, enjoying the sea and go to other touristic and historical places in the same day.

One day turkey will make you experience all kinds of culture we have, so don’t miss that


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